Medium-Term Investments In A Long-Term Investment Portfolio

In 2016, I have a special affection for Tiffany stock and Wal-Mart stock in the $60s, Hershey in the $80s, Diageo drifting towards $100, Coca-Cola at $41, Johnson & Johnson at $95, and Berkshire Hathaway at $125. The first ones I mentioned have been bumped towards undervaluation, which is something to get excited about given the high earnings quality of the company. The latter ones are at the low end of fair value, which is something to get excited about because we are talking about three of the top fifteen businesses in the world.

Now, sometimes people might think: Why should these types of stocks be considered now, rather than waiting for a more attractive opportunity in the event of a deep market slide? Isn’t the opportunity cost of waiting for a better market opportunity worth it if the magnitude of the expected market decline multiplied by the time expected … Read the rest of this article!