Royal Dutch Shell May Return 100% In Dividends Within 10 Years

The calendar year 2016 is the most stressed relationship between Royal Dutch Shell’s dividend payout and current earnings that has existed since the oil crisis of 1986. That is something that catches my attention. After this morning’s post in which I discussed my hesitancy towards Ford Motor (F) stock due to the peak earnings trip, I thought it would be worthwhile to examine a company on the other side of that coin: Royal Dutch Shell.

I don’t have access to “Royal Dutch Shell: The Four Volume Set” because the last time I had the compendium it was checked out from the library, but going off of memory, I remember a passage that discussed the fact that Royal Dutch Shell had returned something outrageous like 14% annually for a century even while most analysts were downbeat on the stock. And according to Siegel’s copy of Stocks For The Long Run which … Read the rest of this article!