The Other Coca-Cola

Although most of you reading this are probably already aware of this fact, most people in the world are not: Shareholders of The Coca-Cola Company (KO) that buy a bottle of Coke off the Piggly Wiggly aisle in Atlanta are not entirely buying a product in they own. The syrup inside the bottle is entirely owned by Coca-Cola. But the bottle, or can, itself is produced by the The Coca-Cola Bottling Company, which has the ticker symbol: COKE. Every day, there are people intending to buy Coca-Cola–the one with the 50+ years of dividend increases–and inadvertently enter the intuitive ticker symbol COKE and purchase the bottling company instead.

Now, the history of Coca-Cola bottling contracts and rich families that have been in charge of bottling over the years is worthy of its own post–but the end result is that the heirs of J.B. Harrison control 91.8% of the voting stock … Read the rest of this article!