My Ten Best Investments – 2020 Edition

In 2014, I published “My Ten Largest Investments” which discussed, you guessed it, my ten largest investments and the basis for why I made the investment. To this date, it is the best selling ebook or piece of intellectual property that I have ever created.

I have always prepared on a follow-up to it, but I did not do so because the holdings were largely the same over time. That is the thing about long-term, buy-and-hold investing. It is inherently boring, stable, and repetitive without much turnover. There is not much to say other than, “Yep, here comes another Coca-Cola dividend, even as the world is falling apart, because people are still consuming beverages and Coca-Cola supplies 3.5% of the total amount of liquid consumed on planet Earth per day.”

But 2020 has brought about some real changes in the form of additions to the portfolio. I entered … Read the rest of this article!