Jack Lew’s $10 Treasury Mistake with Alexander Hamilton

If you ever study alternative dispute resolution methods, the central principle that you will learn is that not everything in life must be a zero sum game. A great mediator is different from a good mediator if he is able to find ways to expand the pie rather than distribute existing resources in the most tolerable way to concerned parties.

Usually, these type of tactics are most useful when trying to sort out disputes between struggling but still profitable businesses and the creditors that are receiving less than they are fully owed. Imagine if you operate a restaurant in 2009 that makes $10,000 per month against $11,000 in operating costs with a $3,500 monthly rent being a big chunk of those operating costs. If you have a zero-sum mindset and represent the landlord, you are going to be focused on evicting the restauranteur and finding someone else as a tenant.… Read the rest of this article!