Tesla Investors Await A Rude Awakening

When I read investment message boards, I can tell that investors are about to make bad investment decisions when they abandon traditional measurements of value and instead suspend disbelief by focusing on esoteric business metric. This is nothing especially out of the ordinary–there are always areas of the economy vulnerable to either excessive greed or excessive fear that temporarily persuade intelligent, hard-working men to depart with their money on a whim.

Those thoughts come to my mind when I read articles touting investments in Tesla Motors. There are many things to like about Tesla the company. The Roadster and Model S recapture some of that sexiness in American car design by harking back to the era when Americans actually based part of their identity on the cars they drove.

It is impressive that Tesla has been able to commercially produce an EPA-compliant electric vehicle that can travel 236 miles on … Read the rest of this article!