Six Business Lessons From Ebby Halliday

Three days ago, Ebby Halliday died in her sleep at the tender age of 104. With her fame largely limited to the Dallas area, Halliday succeeded in growing a real estate company that she founded by herself–generating $2,500 in first month sales in 1945–into a regional empire that employed 1,700 people and generated $6.5 billion in annual sales. I found some great snippets of her life that can give you a picture of what she meant to the Texas business community.

When a customer or acquaintance would inquire “Does so-and-so work for you?”, Halliday would nod her head affirmatively while gently correcting to say, “Yes, she works with me.”

We’ve all seen the corporate trend towards referring to the employees as “family” or other endearing terms. This move often backfires–or at least rings hollow–as the employer actions fall short of the expectations created by the affectionate terminology.

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