Royal Dutch Shell Now Offers A 7.5% Dividend Yield

I’m trying to find some free time in my day to put out a couple of quick posts on some of the opportunities that have become available in today’s significant market sell-off (that is a continuation of a selloff that began last Monday).

As someone who has been writing investment articles publicly since 2011, I haven’t been around long enough to write during a deep recession. But I have not been prevented from developing the right mindset that someone should maintain when a stock market correction does arrive.

And the key, I think, is to focus on the underlying business and to keep a majority of one’s stock market net worth in the highest caliber companies that keep paying dividends and maintaining billion-dollar profits even when the price of the stock is falling fast. It’s easy to be cavalier about Coca-Cola stock falling $5 per share when you understand the … Read the rest of this article!