Yes, You Can Fill A Trust Fund With Nothing But Coca-Cola Stock

In the past century, trust funds involving large blocks of Coca-Cola stock in Georgia trust funds has been litigated at least 167 times. Take a look at cases like: Savannah Bank & Trust Co. v. Groover, Pedraza v. Coca-Cola Company, Askew v. Central Trust Co., Rose v. Trust Co. of Georgia, Fulton Nat. Bank of Atlanta v. Moody, In Re: Estate of Howard, In Re: Estate of Frizzell, Head v. Rich, In Re: Estate of Munroe, In Re: Estate of Budd, King v. Lafayette Trust Co., Riley v. New York Trust Co., Bennett v. C.I.R.

These suits cover a variety of contested issues: selling concentrated blocks of Coca-Cola stock in a trust in order to diversify, incurring large capital gains taxes without the consent of affected parties, and even morally irresponsible claims like a trust fund heir demanding diversification and then suing when the alternative investments did not perform as … Read the rest of this article!