A Tale of Two Cities

Earlier this month, Facebook (FB) gained a lot of attention for being the fastest company to reach a $250 billion valuation in the history of the NASDAQ stock exchange. It’s not really a measuring stick that comes with an equal playing field, as Facebook was valued at over $100 billion at the time it went public. Is Facebook going from $100 billion in 2012 to $250 billion in 2015 better than Starbucks going from $400 million in 1992 to $83 billion in 2015?

Of course, what makes life interesting for investors is that we get to spend our time figuring out whether the rise in Facebook’s share price is deserved, as the company’s market cap goes barrelling past legendary investment titans like Wal-Mart Stores and Procter & Gamble.

There are less than a dozen companies in the United States that Facebook is yet to eclipse, and one of them is … Read the rest of this article!