Two Very Undervalued Stocks In The Age of COVID-19

With stocks up almost 30% from the March lows, it has been difficult to find many high-quality, blue-chip stocks trading at a discount that would make it justifiable to part with investment capital during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as I’ve noted in the past, the good thing about investing is that you only have to find “one deal at a time” to be satisfied. Fortunately, there are two historically strong blue-chip stocks that catch my interest right now, and for which I am still actively contributing new funds, which is included in an article over on Patreon (you can subscribe here). … Read the rest of this article!

Finding the Hot Spots of American Business

The general theme of my investing articles has been this: Buy healthcare. Buy energy. Buy consumer staples. There may also be a place for tobacco, telecommunications, and utilities depending on your moral sensibilities, desire to receive dividend income while giving up long-term growth, and willingness to deal with the lid on growth that results when you have to rely upon regulators to achieve rate increases.

Some things, like long-term retail investing, are debatable. Equally credible arguments can be made in favor of long-term investing in companies like Walgreen, Wal-Mart, and Target. Others can point to Woolworth, A&P, and Sears to make the opposite case. And then the buy-and-holders can point out that the Sears spinoffs of All-State, Discover Card, Morgan Stanley, and Lands’ End made it a superior investment (stock calculators no longer accurately report this information because they treat spinoffs as one-time special dividends and then reinvest it into … Read the rest of this article!