The Quiet Search For High Growth Investments

There are two sets of circumstances that can potentially lead to making a life-changing investment. The first type is the one that gets all of the attention: It involves a company gaining market share in an industry with a very large niche. An obvious example of this type of growth is Coca-Cola. People recognize that the soft drink industry is super huge (each of the seven billion people in the world are potential, realistic customers) and Coca-Cola has reached the point where 3.5% of all liquid consumed in the world can be traced to a beverage that is earning profits on behalf of Coca-Cola shareholders. Because the market is so large, and the profit margins are so great, shareholders in Coca-Cola have been able to turn $1 invested in 1970 into $190 today even though 96.5% of the liquid in the world is consumed through some other owner. When markets … Read the rest of this article!