How A Beginner Should Start Investing With The Right Mindset

Although there are a couple of exceptions, there are very few things that send people to this site quite like searching Google for advice on how to start the beginning stages of dividend investing. It’s obviously a question I find complex enough to have written 536 posts here at The Conservative Income Investor and 536 over at Seeking Alpha (I wanted to mention that because I am currently at that magic point of equilibrium, like when Stan Musial finished his career with 1,816 hits at home and 1,816 on the road) so one post on the topic will be incomplete. But I can talk about the state of the mind that is important to establish with dividend investing and building wealth.

Henry Ford once said—if you can measure it, you can manage it. Too often, when people get started investing, they choose the wrong metric by which to judge their … Read the rest of this article!