Best Buy Stock As A Long-Term Investment

For a company with a wildly impressive track record of rewarding shareholders, Best Buy sure is an ugly company. Since 1985, Best Buy has compounded wealth for shareholders at a rate of 20.58% annually for shareholders. Yes, this is a company that has been even better than the quintessential dividend stock of the Old Philip Morris, which has rewarded shareholders with huge dividend checks that now come from Altria, Philip Morris International, Kraft, and Mondelez. A mere $10,000 invested into Best Buy in 1985 would be over $2,612,000 today. Millionaire status could have been reached with a mere $3,850 investment in Best Buy.

Yet, we are here to talk about the future (as Buffett said, the investor of today does not profit from yesterday’s growth) and the particularly difficult insights to get right are the ones that the future departing from the past. In the case of Best Buy, it … Read the rest of this article!