What Warren Buffett Learned From John Wooden

When Charlie Munger discussed the factors that made Warren Buffett so successful over the past fifty years, he mentioned John Wooden’s particular method that helped him achieve so much success at UCLA back in the day—“he assigned virtually all of his playing time to his seven best players.” This was a counter-conventional move at the time because basketball wisdom held that you should regularly give your star players rest so that everyone on the court is fresh and it would be an intelligent way to gradually give a team’s younger players experience to make the transition easier in future years when the sophomores find themselves becoming upperclassmen (though this sounds wild to us now in the era of one-and-done college basketball superstars, freshmen were actually ineligible to play on the “varsity team” for UCLA at the time).

Wooden rejected that approach and chose to do something innovative: He played his … Read the rest of this article!