My Civic Duty: Raising Awareness Of J.M. Smucker Stock

If someone asked me to name a food company that generates the most enduring, highest quality profits from around the globe that consists of an empire built to last more than our lifetimes, my answer would be Nestle. The ability of a company that large to achieve double-digit growth in good years puts the food giant into a class that has few peers. Now, what makes life interesting is this: If you are an American investor, it is often difficult to access shares of Nestle without the handicap of paying Swiss taxes on your dividends (this is especially unavoidable if you are investing through an IRA, as dividends from Switzerland do not receive the tax-exempt status that dividends from countries like Great Britain give American investors.

Because of that handicap, a company like J.M. Smucker comes pretty darn close to achieving equality with Nestle. J.M. Smucker is one of those … Read the rest of this article!