Visa Continues To Dominate, Announces 4 For 1 Stock Split

If you’re familiar with the writings of Peter Lynch, one of his observations that you will encounter is the notion that when companies report great earnings, the price of the stock will tend to overshoot and make the company a little bit more expensive than what it should fairly be. This happens on the way down, too—when a company reports disappointing results, the price of the stock tends to get cheaper than deserved (and becomes the interest of value investors). In reaction to this typical phenomenon, Wall Street analysts have the annoying tendency to downgrade and recommend selling stocks that deliver earnings growth that is better than anticipated.

Peter Lynch derisively called this practice “cutting the flowers and watering the weeds”, and obviously, I am not a fan of it because it treats the investor community as nothing more than a collection of traders rather than people interested in owning … Read the rest of this article!