The Synchrony Spinoff From General Electric

Amazing that an entire marketing department at General Electric found it wise to combine the words sin + crony in launching the Synchrony Financial, the former private credit card label arm of General Electric that has been gradually working its way towards becoming a standalone company (I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why General Electric decided to structure this deal as a share swap rather than an outright spinoff, especially when you take into consideration GE’s betrayal of historical expectations when profits collapsed and the dividend got cut in 2009 which is something General Electric had not done since 1938).

Normally, a straight forward spinoff is most enjoyable for shareholders because they feel like they are getting a “free” business and they get the full autonomy to decide whatever they want to do with the shares. When Conoco shed Phillips 66, you got to own both Conoco … Read the rest of this article!