The Criticism Of Coca-Cola Is Fair, But Often Crosses Over Into Fear-Mongering

In 2010, Coca-Cola made the decision to buy its North American bottling operations for $12.2 billion. Before that point, when you owned shares of the famous KO stock, you were really owning the maker of the syrup inside that can, cup, or bottle, as the bottlers were run by different families, and in some cases, publicly traded corporations. The reason why Coca-Cola did not own its bottlers previously is because it’s much easier to take over the globe through a model that mimics franchising rather than doing it yourself: it was a lot easier for Ray Kroc to hire wealthy individuals to put up a McDonald’s and then demand a share of their profits rather than coming up with a few hundred thousand dollars up front every time you want to roll out a new fast-food location yourself.

The Coca-Cola experience has been similar: Now that Coca-Cola spans the globe, … Read the rest of this article!