You All Love Buying ExxonMobil Through Computershare

Every now and then, when I am looking to procrastinate before I get down to write an article, I check through the search engine traffic to see what is bringing new people to the site. Pretty consistently over the past several months, many of you have stumbled onto here by looking for ways to buy shares of Exxon through Computershare.

Although googling something and actually doing it are two separate things (imagine a chart comparing people who googled “how to lose 20 pounds” compared to those that actually do it), I am glad to see that topic be on the minds of people because regular investing with Exxon Mobil is probably one of the surest paths to long-term wealth for someone who is committed to spending decades increasing their ownership in a particular position.

Exxon tends to come with two advantages that you can’t get by dripping, say, Coca-Cola or … Read the rest of this article!