Five Dividend Commandments For Creating Permanent Wealth

All of my articles, summed up into one:

#1. If you want to own companies that you can hold for three decades without thinking about hardly at all, then you have to avoid banks and the tech sectors entirely. Things like Wells Fargo and IBM will probably do very well over that time frame, but they require the steady guidance of montoring—the amount of debt a bad management team could put on a bank’s balance sheet quietly or the quickness of technological change over a short period of time make these stocks ineligible for permanent capital categories. If you want to think about “forever” investing, you need to focus on food, beverages, and the diversified energy and healthcare companies.

#2. When tempted to make a concentrated bet, remember why you entered investing in the first place. Although there are many reasons why people don’t like relying solely on the income … Read the rest of this article!