Time Diversification Is Important When You Sell A Business Or Receive An Inheritance

Other than people looking to get started investing, by far the most common correspondence I receive from readers is the profile of someone who received a significant amount of money either through selling a business or receiving some kind of inheritance, and is looking for help on what to do.

Most of the conventional wisdom that you can find on the topic just by doing a quick google search is quite good—take a few months to just chill out and *think* before rushing to do anything, don’t look to make any concentrated bets (which is a slightly different way of saying that you should diversify), and so on.

The one piece of advice that doesn’t show up nearly enough, and you kind of have to look for it online to find it, is this: time diversification. If I suddenly had $1 million to invest, I would not instantly convert it … Read the rest of this article!