Those Rarely Mentioned Excellent Blue-Chip Companies

Some of you have written in to me asking why certain blue-chip stocks don’t get mentioned, or only get mentioned in passing, here on the site. I can’t speak for everything, but often it has to do with valuation or my own estimates of future growth.

For instance, I would love to talk about Nike, Brown Forman, Hershey, and Colgate-Palmolive all the time. They are absolutely extraordinary businesses, as they possess both durable earnings quality that can make profits in all conditions AND they also have very strong earnings growth supported by sales figures that increase year in and year out.

My problem? Valuation. It is highly likely that anyone making a lump-sum investment in any of these companies right now will achieve long-term returns that trail the growth of the businesses themselves by an amount that you will find frustrating.

Take Nike, for example. This is a company that … Read the rest of this article!