Warren Buffett’s IBM Investment And Its Dividends

If you are a close follower of IBM’s stock, you know what has been the general story for the company over the past several years: IBM has been having trouble transitioning to the cloud and growing revenues because operations are so immense, but because the dividend only accounts for a little more than a fifth of profits, IBM is able to retire significant blocks of stock and increase earnings per share due to buybacks with only a soft reliance on what we would consider old-fashioned growth, at this point in time.

Because IBM is getting 9% annual growth due to lowering costs and buying back stock rather than increasing revenues at the top line, a lot of analysts have been poking fun at the stock and touting it as a bad investment.

What I find bemusing is that, over this time period, Warren Buffett has nicely benefitting from his ownership … Read the rest of this article!