My Two Favorite Growth Companies Have Shot Up In Price Significantly

Yes, this article you are about to read is a first-world problem. Throughout this past year, I have made no secret of the fact that Visa and Gilead Sciences are two of my favorite companies if you are looking to buy-and-hold blue chip stocks with well above-average growth rates. Over the past five years, Visa has grown profits at 22.5% annually. Gilead, meanwhile, has grown profits at 15.5% annually for the past five years. Even if the growth at both companies comes down a bit, it still figures to be above the 10% annual range throughout the rest of the decade.

That’s what prompted me to write highly praiseworthy articles of both companies over at Seeking Alpha earlier this year, such as “Visa’s Fall To $200 Is Classic Short-Term Thinking” and “Gilead Sciences Has A Realistic Path To $100.” Visa is now at $248. Gilead is … Read the rest of this article!