The Best Value Stock Investment In The Stock Market Right Now

Sick of the commodities posts yet? No? Good, because that’s what is cheap right now. Let’s cover I don’t think we’ve discussed here before—BHP Billiton, the most diversified materials producer on the globe. It’s a niche long-term holding—like Tiffany, Disney, and Berkshire Hathaway—in that there are not a lot of peer companies from which you get to choose. If you want a long-term alcohol company in your portfolio, you can choose from Anheuser-Busch, Heineken, SABMiller, Molson Coors, Diageo, Brown Forman, and probably more, but I’m going off the top of my head.

BHP Billiton is unique in that it produces iron ore, nickel, natural gas, oil, diamonds, coal, and steel. It has a very wide collection of assets that are heavily mined in Australia, Chile, and South America, with some operations in the United Kingdom as well. The company is spending $14 billion in developing new mines and oil fields—it … Read the rest of this article!