People Buying Eli Lilly Stock Right Now Are Going To Have Minimal Gains The Next Five Years

One of the reasons why I like studying companies that have been growing their dividend by a rate of 7% or more annually for the past ten years is that, not only am I finding businesses that are returning more and more cash to their owners over time, but I am also getting a firsthand glimpse into what the leaders of the company are projecting about the future cash flows for the business. It cuts through all the BS you see on the first few pages of a company’s annual report and tells you what those with the innermost knowledge of a company really think—after all, if you’re running a company that is anticipating trouble growing profits in the next couple of years, are you going to give shareholders a 10% raise in the payout? Probably not, because it’s a lot easier to deal with a few years of 1% … Read the rest of this article!