Nestle: The Only Must Own Stock Outside The United States

For the most part, you could live your entire life by only purchasing stocks headquartered in the United States without sacrificing anything in the process by avoiding international securities. Feel the need for Anheuser-Busch or Heineken? You’ll do just fine or better owning Brown Forman. Feel the need to own BP or Royal Dutch Shell? Things can work out awfully swell for you if you stuff your portfolio with Exxon, Conoco, and Chevron. Want to own GlaxoSmithKline? You can take care of business by owning Johnson & Johnson.

None of this is meant to rag on those international firms. They are excellent. As part of a conservative portfolio aimed at building and preserving wealth, they are excellent stocks for consideration in such a portfolio. My point, rather, is that for someone building a portfolio of 25 stocks with the intent of truly holding them undisturbed for 25+ years, you could … Read the rest of this article!