When Oil Stock Investing Simulates The Income Of Owning A Rental Property

One of the obstacles that prevents people from being successful investors is that buying stocks tends to lack the tangibility that owning a small business (like a storage unit or cash wash in your community) or real estate can provide for an investor.

When it comes to stocks, it’s an acquired taste to reach the point where you think in terms like these, “Each share of McDonald’s earned $3.67 in 2008, $3.98 in 2009, $4.60 in 2010, $5.27 in 2011, $5.36 in 2012, and $5.55 in 2013, while returning between 47% and 56% of those profits to shareholders in the form of cash dividends over that time frame.” Instead, the initial impulse is … Read the rest of this article!