How Ralph Lauren Uses B Shares To Control The Company

Whenever these founding families of publicly traded businesses decide to sell stock, they often encounter the possibility that they could someday be ousted from their control of the company because of the waning voting influence they may have over the company as they sell their shares (and in many ways, this is perfectly fair. Someone who owns 1,000 shares of a company should have 10x the input of someone who owns 100 shares). 

But often times, these founders want to liquidate their shares and diversify while also maintaining their grip over the company. The most common way to effectuate the sale of stock while maintaining control occurs through the issuance of multiple classes … Read the rest of this article!

Managing Other People’s Investments

While I am flattered—and I mean this sincerely but I’m not a good enough internet writer to make the depth of my appreciation jump off the screen—that some of you have written to me asking that I manage some of your money, sadly, that is not something I can nor want to do.

First of all, I mean that literally: I don’t have the proper licensing to start taking on investors.

And secondly, even though I understand that the management of other’s assets “is where the money is” when it comes to the financial services industry, it’s not something I’ve had much of an inclination to do because most people are interested in … Read the rest of this article!