Uber Stock: Why I Won’t Buy It

L.J. Henderson, the famed physician, chemist, biologist, sociologist, and philosopher, spent time studying Hippocrates among his many endeavors. He was quite taken with Hippocrates’ fixation on experience and common sense, and offered his own analysis of the Hippocratic Method as follows:

“The first element of that method is hard, persistent, intelligent, responsible, unremitting labor in the sick-room, not in the library; the complete adaptation of the doctor to his task, an adaptation that is far from being merely intellectual. The second element of that method is accurate observation of things and events; selection, guided by judgment born of familiarity and experience, of the salient and the recurrent phenomena, and their classification and methodological … Read the rest of this article!

“Feeding The Beast” Investing

All my talk about oil stocks here on the site bring in lots of oil stock investors from the search engines, who woulda thought?

In the past couple of days, I had been talking to a reader that decided to make BP and Royal Dutch Shell the starter positions in her stock portfolio by putting $400 per month into each Royal Dutch Shell and BP since 2011. I didn’t inquire into the specifics, but a very rough calculation that takes into account the capital appreciation of those companies could indicate that she is sitting on about $40,000 worth of stock in the two oil giants that is generating around $1,800 in current income, … Read the rest of this article!