Collecting ExxonMobil Dividends For Thirty Years

For the past thirty years, ExxonMobil has grown its dividend by 6.38% annualized. Amazingly, due to its almost perpetually low valuation, the Exxon investor that reinvested every single dividend paid out over the past thirty years would have achieved annual income growth of 9.81% annualized. During every year during this thirty-year period, the income generated from one’s holdings in XOM stock increased. 

One of the under-discussed aspects of investing is the style in which you go about making money. There are some people out there doing basic jobs not much above an entry level position and earning $50,000 per year. In some violent precincts, there are police officers earning the same salary who … Read the rest of this article!

The Sky View Of Concentrated, Permanent Coca-Cola Wealth

During the past twelve months, over 6% of this website’s traffic has come from people living in Atlanta, GA or its nearby suburbs. The city of Atlanta holds its own against the other heavyweight generators of this site’s traffic—like the entire states of Texas, New York, and California (though the number of California residents that read this outnumber the Atlanta residents by a bit). That is not a coincidence: From what I can tell, just about every Atlanta reader that finds his or her way to the site does so by googling something about Coca-Cola as an investment, and I’ve been lucky to have many of you stick around.

More interestingly, I’ve been … Read the rest of this article!