AutoZone Is Gobbling Up Its Own Stock (A Look At One Of The Great Buybacks Of The 21st Century)

Every now and then, you stumble across a company that does not show up on the radar of many investors, often due to its size, lack of a dividend, or decidedly unsexy business model that nevertheless ends up producing a whole lot of money for people that start a position in the stock and hold on to it for a few years. One company that falls into that category is Autozone.

What has the car part replacer done over the past ten years? Two things have happened at this business: one, they have rolled out new stores across the United States, increasing the store count from 3400 to a little over 5000. This has enabled the company to grow its profits from $500 million per year to a little over $1 billion per year. Given that there is no dividend, you might imagine that shareholders have doubled their money over … Read the rest of this article!