Most Americans Have No Idea How Financially Savvy And Borderline Brilliant Steve Harvey Is

Sometime in the next month, I’m going to get around to completing posts on Charles Barkley and Steve Harvey, with the discussion point being that both men have very shrewd financial lives and breadth of intelligence that is significantly different from the images that they hold out of themselves in the media. You see Charles Barkley making goofy quips on TNT during basketball season, or turn on the television to see Steve Harvey going after the cheap gags and laugh lines on Family Feud, and you could superficially reach the conclusion that these men are not professionally savvy but reached their positions as a result of a quirk of luck. But if you look at how they position some of their assets, diversify their revenue streams, and listen to the general philosophies they live by personally and use to direct their investments, you will be immediately struck at just … Read the rest of this article!