General Electric’s Penny Dividend: The Consequences

Despite everything you have no doubt read about General Electric over the past two or three years, the fact remains that it is a company earning $5 billion per year in profits (and would earn approximately $9.5 billion per year if you could snap your fingers and eliminate its debt load). I raise this point because investors often speak of particular investments in binary terms, as if some business insufficiency (even one lasting for an extended period of time) must somehow lead to zero, bankruptcy, or some type of absolute failure.

For nearly all of America’s largest 500 or so companies, insolvency is not a looming risk in the absence of technological obsolescence or … Read the rest of this article!

What The Heck Should We Think About BP Stock Right Now?

My guess is that anyone who is a lawyer, or at least familiar with the legal process enough to understand that separate, discrete elements need to be met in order to win a lawsuit, looks to a nearby wall to contemplate head-pounding upon reading most political/social/legal commentary on the BP lawsuit resulting from its 2010 oil spill.

Why do I say that?

Because almost no commentary on the BP oil spill has discussed in depth the heart of the issue that Judge Carl Barbier of the U.S. District Court in New Orleans, LA addressed yesterday:

Did BP’s operators, employees, and/or management act with negligence—or gross negligence—regarding the jolt of methane gas that exploded Read the rest of this article!