BP Has Created Over 20 Shares For Every 100 Shares Purchased Since The Oil Spill

I have written about BP several times before on this site, as the company is one in which the reputation of the firm has created a historic opportunity due to the lingering memory of the oil spill and the litigation that has come after.

A frequent theme, though, on this site is that you need to be empowered to find those times when the fundamentals of a company are much better than a company’s reputation, and I have cited to McDonald’s and Johnson & Johnson in the past to illustrate the concept. The best example of a stock now, here in the moment, suffering from the same phenomenon is BP.

It’s spoken about as if the company is roadkill, a shadow of its former self. The company’s reputation is a far cry away from its business strength as the company is set to make almost $15 billion this year. In … Read the rest of this article!