Altria Investors Continue To Get Rich

One of the truly lucrative opportunities—and you only have to get it right once or twice to permanently change your life—that faced investors in the past five years was the opportunity to buy the incredibly stellar cash-generating asset The Altria Group, Inc. for fire sale prices.

A lot of things came together to put Altria on sale in 2009. Obviously, that was the year of the deepest panic selling from the financial crisis, giving you a chance to do well if you bought any company that has survived over these past five years. But you also had the fact that Altria had recently spun-off Philip Morris International and Kraft (which had also split into what is now Kraft and Mondelez), and a lot of investors didn’t know what would be left standing when it was just a domestic cigarette manufacturer (after losing its most lucrative, fast-growth asset in Philip Morris … Read the rest of this article!