Abbott Labs: Dividend Investing During Humdrum Times

Today’s a sad day as I’ve been coming to grips with the fact that I have chosen the wrong topic for my site. I should’ve killed this whole passive income thing and gone into women’s lifestyle blogging.

Are any of you aware of the perks in that field?

Larissa Faw of Forbes Online wrote a piece about what I’m missing out on:

In fact, brand executives and women bloggers say the going rate for a $300 kitchen product is 500 monthly views; an all-expense trip to Hawaii requires at least 20,000 monthly views.

Because I was lucky to have some Seeking Alpha readers follow me over when I launched my site, I could have spent the last year building up a tricked-out kitchen and studying for exams on a Hawaiian beach on the dime of corporate advertisers. Why am I writing about Bed, Bath & Beyond’s stock buyback program when … Read the rest of this article!