The First $100 Dividend Check

Hi Tim. I’ve been reading your site for the past six months… [a few paragraphs I removed]… I’m just starting out, and I gotta say, receiving my first $100 dividend check completely changed everything for me! I’d rather make $100 for owning a stock than make $200 in a day from my job I know im odd. Thank you so much for your site, and keep up the writing! I check for updates every day! Signed, Graydon.

There. Right there. Graydon, you get it. The understanding of almost every individual in this country is that, in order to generate money, you have to give up your time and do something. If you don’t show up to work on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, you’ll be lucky to still have a job, and you almost certainly won’t be receiving any cash for those three days missed. Even if you own a small … Read the rest of this article!