Examining Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Negative Net Worth

When I review a politician’s financial disclosures, it is typically pages and pages of mutual fund and ETF holdings in tax shelters such as IRAs and 401ks that total several million dollars. For example, the Financial Disclosure Report of my representative, Ann Wagner, contains 19 pages of investments that mostly consists of Vanguard and Fidelity ETFs and mutual funds that are spread out across a Fidelity Inherited IRA from her parents, a Fidelity IRA of her own creation, a Fidelity Roth IRA owned by her husband, a Fidelity Trust held jointly with her husband, a Missouri Most 529 Plan for her kids’ college education, some various life insurance policies, and a real-estate timeshare investment with her husband.

I point out Ann Wagner’s investment profile specifically because it provides a real-life snapshot of the typical net worth situation for an American politician. 

In contrast, the Financial Disclosure Report of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Read the rest of this article!

LOYAL3: The Current Savior Of Long-Term Investors

Even though I cannot attest to a lot of the criticism that the transfer agent computershare.com receives on a regular basis as a forum for buying stocks, I know a lot of people have written me, saying, “They’ve gotten a lot of bad online reviews. I’m not comfortable going there, are there any other options worth looking at?”

Normally, I’ve pointed to something like Sharebuilder if your goal is to keep costs low because they have a special plan that lends itself to dollar-cost-averaging into whatever you want (pretty much) for $12 month (which allows you to pick 12 different things to invest into each month). Or, you could just go through a brokerage house like Charles Schwab, pay the $7.95, and go to bed knowing that your money is secure. Given this is your life’s savings we’re talking about, fretting over a few bucks here and there could be … Read the rest of this article!