How Capital One and Midland Credit Management Sue You

After covering JP Morgan Chase’s decision to forgive the credit card debt of its Canadian cardholders, I wanted to focus on one of the other big (but often overlooked) credit card stories of our time–the aggressive enforcement efforts against those with credit card debt taken by Capital One and Midland Credit Management. 

If you are someone who struggles to pay your credit card bills on time, you should stay far and away from Capital One. To understand why, I strongly suggest that you take a read of “At Capital One, Easy Credit and Abundant Lawsuits” that documents the number of lawsuits filed in connection with Capital One credit card debt. 

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Yes, You Should Be Worried About Amazon’s Stock

I recently wrote to you about how the drop earlier this week GlaxoSmithKline wasn’t a big deal in the slightest, and how a hypothetical family in 2019 reviewing their reinvested GlaxoSmithKline dividends may actually look back fondly on the share price drop in the middle of Summer 2014 as it provided an opportunity to get a lower price, and thus a higher ownership position in the form of additional shares due to the decline.

Now, I want to discuss a company that does not share GlaxoSmithKline’s outlook. If you follow Amazon, you may have seen that the company reported a $126 million loss for the second quarter of 2014. Although the stock … Read the rest of this article!