Life Advice: Remove The “Reply All” Button From Your Toolbar

Somehow, I ended up on the mailing list for ABA Journal and receive weekly e-mails of lawyer shenanigans and mistakes that prove costly. Here’s what ABA Journal sent out today:

A prosecutor in the Atlanta schools cheating scandal has been suspended for three days without pay after she mistakenly hit “reply all” when commenting about a defendant’s Stage IV breast cancer.

Assistant District Attorney Lori Canfield of Fulton County mistakenly sent a two-word comment to dozens of lawyers and others associated with the schools case, report the Daily ReportWABE and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Canfield commented after receiving notification that former schools superintendent Beverly Hall was too ill to attend trial or assist her lawyers, according to a doctor’s opinion. Canfield’s response: “Surprise, surprise.”

In a written statement, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard announced the three-day suspension and said he was removing the lawyer from the trial

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