Do You Need To Own Canadian Dividend Stocks?

That depends: What do you know about Canadian dividend stocks? Earlier this summer, I wrote an article about how, for the right type of investor, a mortgage REIT like Annaly Capital could be a useful investment if you understand the risk/reward trade-offs and are willing to deal with substantial volatility: in terms of share price, profits generated by the company, and dividends returned to you as the investor. The implicit assumption in all of that is this: you truly understand the business of Annaly Capital. My guess is that for the majority of readers on the site, the write-up on Annaly should go into the “that’s nice, maybe later” file and never seriously pursued after that. Why did I mention it then? Because my schtick on this site is that I talk to you all like adults, and you get to make your own decisions on what you consider intelligent … Read the rest of this article!