Coca-Cola Has Not Finished Minting Millionaires Yet

Back when I started writing for Seeking Alpha in 2011, I noted the obvious that everyone else in the stock commentary blogosphere knows: Coca-Cola is a damn good company to own for long periods of time.

I think though, it’s entirely possible that it gets written about so much that people put up blinders to the notion of accumulating Coca-Cola stock in their portfolios now. That’s a shame, because the company is continuing to create wealth, but in a way that doesn’t necessarily make you feel as if you are the owner of a life-changing asset in the moment.

But yet, the figures continue to trickle upward: at the time I started writing about personal finance stuff, Coca-Cola was paying out $0.235 per quarter to shareholders (I’m adjusting the figures to represent the 2012 split). By 2012, that quarterly figure grew to $0.255 per share. Then, in 2013, the payout … Read the rest of this article!