The $50,000 Trust Fund

There are going to be some kids, somewhere, born in 2042 that are going to have a great head start in life by getting a free education because of the very intelligent decisions of a man and his wife in 2014.

A reader of this site who told me has been visiting the site since I started it last May told me that he had finally gotten around to putting aside a decent-sized cash egg that he intends to use as an education fund for his grandchildren (at present, he has three daughters under the age of ten).

Because of the low account value for the account right now, he is starting off with a $50,000 in a S&P 500 Index because it was the most straightforward way he could get diversification and low fees all in one (self-directed investments that, say, focused on holding specific blocks of Exxon and … Read the rest of this article!