Fortunes Are Built By Being Exceptional In One Of Three Ways

Halleluiah! Break out the tambourines and shake them. Break out the fireworks and make sure you don’t shake them. On the day dedicated to celebrating American exceptionalism, I wanted to point out one of the greatest truths that is necessary for building long-term wealth: You must be exceptional in one of three ways.

Way #1: You possess the ability to identify and purchase an exceptional company that is growing rapidly. It took $8,500 in 1992 to create over $1 million worth of Starbucks stock today. Once it became apparent that Wal-Mart was rolling out stores all across the Midwest in 1982, it would take $8,500 in Wal-Mart to create a $2.1 fortune in the retailer here in 2014. It took $50,000 eight years ago for Chipotle Mexican Grill stock to buy you a half-million dollar home today.

These investments are hard to come by, but the good news is this: … Read the rest of this article!