Walgreens Stock: Tobacco, Drugs, and Wealth

I was not surprised to see the news earlier this year that Walgreens was resisting calls that it refrain from selling tobacco products at its 14,800 drug stores across the world. As a result, many market commentators have compared Walgreens’ stock unfavorably to CVS, which stopped selling cigarettes during a phase-out program over the past three years on the basis that being a health-store was morally incompatible with selling a product that causes cancer and other severe health ailments.

The reason why Walgreens has held off on dropping cigarettes is because cigarettes are a much larger portion of their overall revenue pie than it ever was at CVS. At CVS, tobacco sales were only 0.4% of its total sales. At Walgreens, tobacco sales are 0.7% of its total sales because about 1,500 of Walgreens’ 14,800 locations are in areas that are described as high-smoking areas according to the Campaign for … Read the rest of this article!

Visa’s Profit Numbers Continue To Awe Me

To do something successfully, you have to properly execute a two-step process. First, you must acquire the information that is necessary to find the success, and secondly, you must actually—well—do it.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a report on how the gap between intense novice poker players and professional players has been narrowing considerably in the past twenty years, thanks to the internet. Even though the pros are still better, someone who studies poker day and night, spending hours googling every poker-related question that enters his head is going to come pretty close to overtaking some of the top dogs as the constant researching on the internet allows passions to be fed.

You’re seeing a similar revolution in the field of do-it-yourself investing; there is absolutely no data points that the well-heeled long-term investor possesses that you cannot get for yourself. Thirty years ago, your broker was a gatekeeper … Read the rest of this article!