High Dividends and Market-Beating Returns

I recently covered two recent purchases that I made over at Patreon. Both stocks offer 4.4% or higher starting dividend yields and a high likelihood of future price appreciation. 

Now would be a good time to join as a subscriber, as I plan on releasing a case study of Boeing as a long-term investment as well as coverage of a software-as-a-service firm that offers unusually high growth stock characteristics. I expect those additional pieces will be up within the next week. To join me on Patreon, please click here.

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What If Twitter Stock Were Valued Like Visa?

Investors in Twitter stock have recently learned the hard way how volatility strikes when you decide to purchase a company that has no readily identifiable profits under its umbrella—in other words, its valuation is inherently speculative because investors are entirely measuring the company based on what it will be like in the future, rather than what it is doing now. After crossing the $74 threshold the day after Christmas in 2013, the price of the stock has fallen to $35.

The financials of the company, as they stand right now, remain unimpressive. Twitter lost $1.13 per share in 2013, and this year should figure to be more of the same. That works out to an annual loss in the $600-$700 million range.

If some were contemplating a long-term investment in Twitter, they would need to ask themselves two questions: What would Twitter’s valuation have to be in the long run? … Read the rest of this article!