Bear Stearns, Ross Perot, Underground Minerals, And That Honus Wagner Baseball Card

My weekend reading, for those of you interested:

#1. The Fall of Bear Stearns— It already seems like a lifetime ago, but for those of you who want to turn back the clock and read about the collapse of Bear Stearns in real-time, check out this August 2008 piece from vanity fair. Here’s the kind of satire you can expect from the piece:

“At Phi Kappa Wall Street, most of the frat boys are instantly recognizable. There’s the big, backslapping Irishman, Merrill Lynch, the humorless grind, Goldman Sachs, and the straitlaced rich kid, Morgan Stanley. And then, off in the corner, wearing its beat-up leather jacket and nursing a cigarette, was the tough-guy loner, scrawny Bear Stearns, who disdained secret handshakes and towel snapping in favor of an extended middle finger toward pretty much everyone. Bear was bridge-and-tunnel and proud of it. Since the days when the Goldmans and

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