Did You See David Winters’ Latest Letter To Warren Buffett About Coca-Cola?

You know how Abraham Lincoln advised that if the Supreme Court doesn’t do what you want it to do, you should keep passing the same legislation over and over again, albeit in slightly different forms until you get the right response?

David Winters of Wintergreen Advisors, a shareholder of Coca-Cola, just sent out a second letter to Warren Buffett asking him to withhold support for Coca-Cola’s upcoming compensation plan that will be voted on next month.

Here’s what Mr. Winters had to say on Marketwatch:

Dear Warren,

Over the years your conviction and passion for corporate diligence and responsibility has echoed through the American consciousness. Like Jiminy Cricket you sit on our shoulders reminding us to do what is right. Work hard, be fair, save for our future, stand up for what is right, and think like an owner. Now the United States and investors are at a crossroads.

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